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Indulge your senses in an enchanting journey through time and culture with our meticulously curated Attar Gift Set. Crafted with the finest ingredients and inspired by the art of perfumery from various regions, this set promises to captivate the hearts of both connoisseurs and novices alike. Unravel the beauty of attars, the pure and precious aromatic oils, each with its distinct personality and allure. 

What is Attar?

Attar, also known as ittar or concentrated perfume oil, has a rich history that dates back centuries. Derived from natural botanical sources through a labor-intensive process, these oils are renowned for their longevity, complexity, and depth. They are revered in traditional perfumery and hold deep cultural significance in many parts of the world. 

The Enchanting Scents: 

Mystical Oudh Magic:

Let the alluring notes of Oudh, also known as "liquid gold," transport you to the heart of the enchanting East. Its woody, resinous aroma is an olfactory masterpiece, evoking a sense of mystique and luxury. 

Floral Symphony:

Embark on a sensory journey through lush gardens with our Floral Symphony attar. A harmonious blend of jasmine, rose, and lily entwines to create a symphony of floral delights that will leave you feeling refreshed and joyful. 

Sweet Musk Nights:

Unleash your adventurous spirit with the captivating Musk  Nights attar. The warm, spicy notes of are skillfully interwoven with hints of exotic spices, creating an enticing and seductive fragrance. 

Citrus Zest:

Invigorate your senses with the vibrant and refreshing Citrus Zest attar. A burst of zesty lemon, sweet orange, and tangy grapefruit will uplift your mood and brighten your day. 

Soothing Sandalwood Serenity:

Embrace tranquility and inner peace with the Soothing Sandalwood Serenity attar. The rich, creamy essence of sandalwood brings a sense of calm and balance to your soul. 

Packaging and Presentation:

The Attar Gift Set is beautifully presented in an elegant and sturdy box, adorned with intricate motifs inspired by the cultures that have cherished attars for centuries. Each attar is contained in a delicately designed glass bottle, sealed to preserve its freshness and potency.


Gift Giving:

The Attar Gift Set makes a thoughtful and cherished present for any occasion. Whether it's a birthday, anniversary, or simply a gesture of appreciation, the gift of attars will be a cherished and memorable experience for your loved ones.


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