White oud attar Mukhallat Non Alcoholic Roll-On Attar Perfume 8 ml

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Experience the richness of White Oud Mukhallat Attar, an 8 ml roll-on attar perfume combining the distinct scent of white oud with natural ingredients for a unique and luxurious aroma. Blended according to traditional Middle Eastern and South Asian methods of distilling flower petals, herbs, and other natural materials, this non-alcoholic perfume offers a crisp, masculine scent.

100% pure premium quality non-alcoholic roll on attar perfume

  • Top note : Citrus Heart note Cedar wood & Oudh Base : Wood & spicy
  • Made using premium quality ingredients, this attar is absolutely safe for your skin
  • These Attars ensure a long-lasting and rejuvenating fragrance
  • Agarwood is considered stimulant, antiasthmatic, carminative, tonic, aphrodisiac and astringent is a resinous part of the non-timber Aquilaria tree, which is a highly valuable product for medicine and fragrance purposes.

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