Natural oils Set of 5 Aroma oil 75 ml | diffuser Oil for home Office & Hotel Spa| Genuine oils Mint , Jasmine ,Lemongrass , Vetiver & Cedarwood

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Transform Any Space to a Place to adore, with our Collection of Aroma oils you can Change the Aura of any space. we have selected a set of Scents that will best represent you and your style & life style Needs. Our Natural  Oils can be used for Diffuser And DIY projects such as candles, soaps. Also Useful for Spa & Saloons.

Cedarwood Oil: Cedarwood essential oil is known for its grounding and calming effects. It can be used to create a focused and balanced environment.

Rosemary Oil: Rosemary essential oil is believed to enhance memory and cognitive function. It can be beneficial for maintaining concentration during tasks that require mental sharpness.

Peppermint Oil: Peppermint oil is often used to boost alertness and mental clarity. Its invigorating scent can help you stay awake and focused

Jasmine oil: is widely used in aromatherapy for its calming and mood-enhancing properties. Inhaling its sweet and floral scent may help reduce stress, anxiety, and depression, promoting a sense of well-being and relaxation

Lemongrass oil: Insect repellent: Lemongrass oil is a natural insect repellent and is commonly used to keep mosquitoes and other insects at bay. It can be applied topically to the skin or used in candles and diffusers to deter pests.

Vetiver oil: Due to its calming properties, vetiver oil may also help with sleep disorders such as insomnia. Diffusing the oil in your bedroom before bedtime or adding a drop or two to your pillow can promote a more restful night's sleep.

Mood Enhancement: Vetiver oil is thought to have mood-enhancing properties. Inhaling its aroma may help lift your spirits and reduce symptoms of depression and anxiety.

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