Hair shine & de fizz Serum Straightening And Soften Dry Hair

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Provides immediate luster and smoothness to hair, controlling unruliness, split ends and stray strands. Enhances manageability and facilitates detangling by minimizing friction between hair. Ultra-lightweight formula that won't burden hair or leave a greasy feel. Shields against external elements such as smog, moisture and warmth. Grants flexible styling potential and can be used with both damp and dry hair.

How to apply Hair serum

This hair serum can be applied to both wet and dry hair but should be used either be applied to pre-moisturize hair or used in conjunction with other moisturizing products.

  • Shake serum bottle before applying.
  • Pump a small amount into hands and work between palms to warm up the serum and help with even distribution.
  • Starting at the ends of your hair, work the serum towards the middle sections - avoiding the roots and scalp.
  • Either use your fingers, comb or brush to evenly disperse the serum throughout your hair and encourage maximum shine.

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