Facial Spray with Aloe, Herbs and Rosewater, Lotus & Jasmine for All Skin Types Face Mist that Hydrates, Rejuvenates & Clarifies

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Our Face Mist & Toner is a facial spray formulated with a blend of Aloe, Herbs, Rosewater, Lotus and Jasmine to provide all skin types with deep hydration, rejuvenation and clarity. Ideal for summer hydration and facial refreshing, this mist propellant ensures an even and fine spray for maximum coverage.

anti-inflammatory and even skin renewal properties that instantly improve the look and feel of your skin.

What are hydrosols and floral waters?

Hydrosols are water-based plant extracts made through the steam or water distillation of herbs and flowers. Similar to essential oils, they retain many botanical properties of the plants they were made from including fragrance and many skin benefits.  

How to Apply Facial Mists

This mist can be applied liberally throughout the day, both under and on top of makeup, as a refresher spray or to soothe irritated and dry skin - it’s very forgiving! This recipe uses soothing Jasmine, Lotus, concentrated aloe vera, Rose & manuka honey floral waters to instantly revitalize dry and dull skin. Non greasy moisturizer.

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