Seduction Blend is a unique combination of essential oils 15 ml

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  • Earth Essential's Seduction Blend is a unique combination of essential oils designed to create an aphrodisiac atmosphere that sets the mood for romance. Create a relaxing and calming environment and experience its sensual aroma for a more intimate experience.

    Romantic night - Get hooked by the love spell with our love essential oils blend designed to entice and stir up the mood for men and women with clary sage ylang ylang and palmarosa diffuser oils
  • Warm Inviting Scent - If you love oil blends then try our unique combination of enticing essential oils for diffusers made with nothing but pure oils for a night you will definitely remember
  • Featuring Lavender essential oil - We use fragrant lavender oil in our oil diffuser essential oils blends it is one of the favorite scents for setting the mood for companionship relaxation and sleep
  • Great for DIYs - Embrace the natural power of this blend by making your own concoctions like candles soaps massage oils and more to unleash the full potential of our passionate aromatherapy blend
  • quality - Our proprietary blend of essential oils for diffusers aromatherapy and self care is crafted for with premium ingredients to fill the room with an invigorating and clean mist

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