Rajnighandha TUBEROSE 30 ml (Perfume) wedding day perfume

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Scent Tuberose :Devine

A truly luxurious perfume, Earth Essentials' Esprit de Parfum TUBEROSE 30ml is an exotic blend of the world-renowned Rajnigandha Tuberose flower. Its exquisite scent is sweet and heady with rich, floral undertones to provide a beautiful and sensual aroma. The perfect fragrance for any occasion, its distinct and unique scent is sure to turn heads.

These fragrances are popular in India and are often appreciated for their long-lasting and alluring scents.

Tuberose & Orange: Finer notes of Tuberose & Ylang Ylang & Jasmine come alive beautifully in this hip, feminine and exquisite blend. This perfume is a sophisticated scent that emanates class, beauty and a modern vibe. The intricate floral notes are a pleasure to smell and a privilege for whoever is lucky enough to get close to you to smell the captivating fragrance on you.

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