Based in the foothills of the Himalaya ‘s out of the ever green Dehradun valley, Earth Essentials was born with an aim to provide a natural alternative to personal and home care products.

Earth Essentials was established with the primary objective of offering a natural alternative to conventional personal and home care products. The founders, Pankaj and Yashica, embarked on a path of organic farming, cultivation, and environmental studies, driven by their unwavering commitment to exploring nature's vast resources.

During their extensive research, Pankaj's profound understanding of the medicinal value of plants, flowers, and herbs led him to develop a range of everyday products that promote holistic well-being. These meticulously crafted formulations quickly gained popularity among an expanding network of individuals as they witnessed the tangible benefits.

A pivotal realization emerged during Pankaj's exploration of the industry. The lack of disclosure in ingredient lists, owing to labelling regulations and trade secret laws, concealed the presence of harmful components within synthetic fragrances. This alarming revelation, coupled with the widespread usage of synthetic fragrances in common household products and toiletries, solidified Pankaj's determination to launch Earth Essentials as a comprehensive line of natural personal and home care products. The core essence of the brand lies in harnessing the healing power of herbs and sharing nature's benevolent advantages with others.

Earth Essentials endeavors to redefine the landscape of the personal and home care industry by offering transparent and authentically natural alternatives. Our unwavering commitment to sourcing premium organic ingredients, combined with meticulous craftsmanship, positions us as a distinctive player in the market. Our vision encompasses a world where consumers can make informed choices, selecting products that not only deliver efficacy but also align with their well-being and environmental stewardship.

Aligned with this vision, Earth Essentials will continuously drive innovation, foster awareness, and empower a community of conscientious consumers who prioritize their health and embrace sustainable practices.

As we embark on this transformative journey, we extend a warm invitation to join us in experiencing the harmonizing power of nature in our daily lives. Together, let us champion a new era of personal and home care that integrates the best of nature's wisdom and modern advancements.


Nature at your door step (earth essentials )

Thus, Earth Essentials was born With the Vision to Bring “Nature at your doorsteps”.