Guests  stay at hotels for a variety of reasons. Some are Business traveller looking for a place to rest their heads between meetings. Others are vacation travellers looking for nearby tourist attractions. And some are planners and attendees in town for a meeting or event. Whatever a guest's motivation for staying with you may be, one thing's for sure: the experiences and amenities your hotel offers can make a big difference in growing your business. With that being the case, we have put together a list of hotel amenity that any guest is sure to love. And which helps in Brand Recall for your Hotel.Premium Hotel toiletries kit
Based in the foothills of the Himalaya ‘s out of the ever green Dehradun valley, Earth Essentials was born with an aim to provide a natural alternative to personal and home care products Earth Essentials provides the finest quality products to India’s leading hotel chains, luxury tour trains, international airport lounges and specialty hospitals. Our range of products use the purest, freshest and most potent ingredients and botanicals, with naturally derived fragrances from the pure essential oils of precious flowers, and are completely free of , Parabens and harmful chemicals.
Earth Essential Toiletry Kit : Guest Amenity Toiletry Kit for Hotels-Resorts, Wedding guest toiletry kit & Guest houses. We Provide Hotel Toiletry kit with mostly organic ingredients. That best suit you budget and requirement.
Premium Series:  Price 28/ Set
Standard Series : 18/ set
 Earth Essentials Room Spray: Our room fresheners are made from Pure essentials oil which not only smells good but also Rejuvenates from Inside, as it is a proven fact that essential oils are used in Aroma therapy & healing. Also our products do
Not use alcohol which is harmful for human life.
Available in : 500ml & 5ltrs Pack
Earth Essentials Room Gel: Simply Buy your preferred fragrance –Pull off the Lid. The more it is exposed, the more scent is released. Is a easy and aesthetically fordable way to keep you Rooms or office smelling Fresh  ( available in Jasmine, Lavender, Sandalwood, Blends, lemon grass).
Earth Essentials Shower Gel: Bar soaps have a bad reputation?  Bar soaps strip away healthy oils, cause our skin cells to fall off in invisible flakes, Our shower gel is enriched with the goodness of Nimbu  and Essentials oils , along with being PH balanced to make your Guest reap the maximum Benefit from that Shower routine.
Available in : 20ml , 30ml &  5 ltrs Pack
Earth Essentials Aurvedic Shampoo: Our Shampoo is Enriched with the goodness of Reetha & Aloevera ,  Reetha helps control hair fall by removing dandruff from the scalp.
Available in : 20ml , 30ml & 5 Ltrs
Earth Essentials Body Lotion: Ready to up your skincare game? Our potent lotion looks after your skin! It Enriched with basic natural Herbs .Also our lotion combine the goodness of rose & Aleovera.
Earth Essentials Glycerine Soap: with the Hotel needs In mind we supply Soap bar in various weights 20 Grms & 30 Grms .with your Branding .
Earth Essentials Hand wash Liquid: Our Hand wash is designed to be gentle on your hands while at the same time be a effective cleaning formula. Eliminates dirt and washes away germs; Moisturizes hands for natural softness; Soothes with gentle and long lasting fragrance. The pearl finish is ideal for Hotel Rest rooms and Spa. Our Products use organic & natural ingrediants which are not only safe but lend a helping hand to environment .
Earth Essentials All purpose cleaner(APC) Concentrated Camphor: Our floor cleaner is enriched with camphor oil & Natural Salt which provided natural way to get excellent cleaning and is mild on wood , natural Granite, Kitchen tops Etc . It is PH Neutral , Furthermore Camphor is believed to Ward of Negative energy as per Vastu  .
  • COMPLETE Solution For Your Housekeeping Needs. Works Great On Marbles, Tiles, Taps, Sink, & etc
  • MARBLE CLEANER is specially formulated to quickly and effectively clean marble without any harm to bring back the original and natural shine.
  • BRING BACK the original glow and natural shine.
  • CLEANS YELLOW patches, oilmarks, tea & coffee marks & black grime in the corners
  • 0% HCL ACID so its safe on your floors and also safe on your hands
Earth Essentials Floor Cleaner : Fragrant tone of Lime & Lemongrass made for ever day use our cleaner :-
  • Cleans dirt, dust & grime on the floors
  • Powerful plant-based cleaner, eco friendly & biodegradable,
  • No Phosphates, No Chlorine, No Ammonia, , No Parabens.
  • Enriched with Essential oils, nature’s own anti-bacterial & anti-viral ingredient
  • Can be used on a variety of surfaces like ceramic, mosaic etc
Earth Essentials hard Surface cleaner & Descaler: This product is carefully designed to get calcium stains made from hard water 
  • Contains actives to prevent scale deposition. Hence it is ideally suited for use in hard water places
  • Quickly removes skin oils, stains, dirt and water marks. For normal soiling : 50 -100 ml. In 1 litre of water
  • Does not contain any abrasives, hence will not scratch bathroom surfaces
  • Cleaner for cleaning all fittings and walls in the bathroom viz. Sink, tub, tiles and fittings after dilution. It is specifically formulated for hard water conditions. Regular usage of prevents scale deposition on walls and fittings
  • Contains acid, handle with care
we are happy that you share the same passion for natural products as we do.  Kindly feel Free to call on 9358192581 for any clarification.
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