Rajnighandha / Tubeerose Attar 8 ml

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  • Rajnighandha / Tubeerose Attar delivers a sweet, honey-like scent and can be used throughout the day or night. The 8 ml bottle makes it perfect for application and transport. Contains natural Rajnighandha flower oil.

    ABOUT THE PRODUCT: Lovely on the inside. Classic charm comes together with modern glamour in this silky amber fragrance. Inspired by his mother’s perfumes
  • TOP NOTES:  you're greeted with the polite, passive top notes.
  • HEART NOTES: As the subtle top notes disappear, the woody & floral heart notes rise.. These silky, modern notes embody all the glamour a fragrance should be.
  • BASE NOTES: The lasting impression of this perfume are the woody & musky base notes. Cedar Wood & White Amber as well as Sultry Musks & Woods form the foundation of this perfume. These rich notes accent the social grace & refinement of a woman by tying all of the notes within this fragrance together.
  • Being oil-based it smells stronger and last longer than traditional alcohol based perfumes that tend to evaporate quicker. Earth Essentials Made Fragrance Oils are distinctive, unique and highly concentrated; a few drops will go a long way
  • These fragrances can also be used as air fresheners, colognes, or a few drops can be added to your favorite body lotion, massage oil or bath oil

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