Abhinandan Blend -Welcome Aromatherapy 15 ml

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Abhinandan Blend -Welcome Aromatherapy is a carefully crafted blend of essential oils, designed to provide a refreshing and calming scent. The blend includes uplifting lemongrass, energizing sweet orange, calming lavender, and comforting cedarwood. The all-natural ingredients provide an aromatherapy experience to uplift your mood and provide physical and mental relaxation.

Whether you’re welcoming old friends inside or opening the door for the delivery man, the entryway to your home is your first greeting. Extend a warm welcome with this sweet and bright combination of  bergamot and lime  mixed with Rosemary . Your guests will sense your hospitality from the moment they step in.

  • Warm Inviting Scent - If you love oil blends then try our unique combination of enticing essential oils for diffusers made with nothing but pure oils for a sent which say you are welcome . ideal for making your guest feel invited
  • Featuring Lavender & lemon oil essential oil – with lavender calming scent and Lemon crisp and welcoming scent it is a mood setter for a party and rendezvous with friends .  
  • Great for - Embrace the natural power of this blend to unleash the full potential of our blend for a welcoming scent .


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